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Find Your Perfect Style

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Find Your Perfect Style

The ultimate for riding e bikes in melbourne

All Types Of Shapes & Sizes

  • You can buy E-Bikes in Melbourne online at My Onebike.

  • Electric bikes are not necessarily one size fits all

  • Some bikes are built with more suspension than others for different terrain

  • They are fun to ride and they help you get out and about

  • E-Bikes can be ridden in the rain

  • E-Bikes are great for getting up those hills in Melbourne suburbs

  • If you loved riding conventional bicycles but can't ride them now, you can still continue to enjoy the sport you love.

Take Your Ride Off-Road

E-bikes in Melbourne can be fun on-road and off!

There is no need to limit yourself. In fact, EMTBs that we sell in Melbourne are electric bikes that are built for off-road use just as a 4WD is designed for rough and rugged terrain.

If you are a mountain bike enthusiast there is no need to worry about whether your EMTB can make the hill or not - they are made to take on the hill.

Additionally the long lasting battery power, that My Onebike builds into their EMTB's, can tackle an off-road trail ride twice over with battery to spare.

Need A Ride To Work?

Riding into work on your electric bike is a great way to start the day!

Picture yourself arriving at work as fresh as the morning after riding all that way on your electric bike.

After all, it's really not what it used to be. You can take your time, or move up those hill quick smart.

It's totally up to you. And there's no need to get exhausted and sweaty either. All-in-all, riding an electric bike in Melbourne gives you the ultimate in being relaxed and enjoying the ride.

Let's Make Riding E-Bikes In Melbourne The 'New Normal'

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